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April/May/June 2019 Newsletter

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January/March 2019 Newsletter

Keiro's 2016 Tax Returns

How Keiro Spent Your Money Here’s a look at Keiro’s tax return for the fiscal year, 2016.  See just what they spent money on, including over $800,000 given to Shawn Miyake after he had already retired from the organization!  These documents are open to public inspection, so feel free to study them online or download and review at your convenience. Feel free to examine and scrutinize the way Keiro made use of

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October/November 2018 Newsletter

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Slideshow: Don't Abandon Our Seniors

Images of the March Rally in Little Tokyo on March 24, 2018.

Don't Abandon Our Seniors

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: “Don’t Abandon Our Seniors” Rally & March to Keiro organized by Koreisha Senior Care & Advocacy, KSCA Main Message from KSCA Pacifica Companies is raising it’s fees again! 10% over last 2 years. Keiro should help those seniors who may be suffering financial hardships. Keiro, should use the $70 million to provide long-term care facilities for our elders and save the residents abandoned by the sale of

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Rafu Shimpo: Governor Signs Bill on Senior Care Facilities

The following is a reprint from the October 28, 2017 article in the print edition of The Rafu Shimpo newspaper, and online on November 1, 2017. SACRAMENTO — Gov. Jerry Brown on Oct. 19 signed Assemblymember Al Muratsuchi’s Assembly Bill 651, which will strengthen the state attorney general’s oversight over the sale of nonprofit health care facilities, in order to protect and promote access to health care, particularly in immigrant communities.

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Keiro's Year One (2017) Annual Compliance Report

The following PDF document is the ‘Year 1 Annual Compliance Reports’ submitted to the CA Attorney General (AG) by Keiro. These are the first of the 5 annual reports that are to be submitted to the AG. The Year 1 reports were submitted as a single document by Keiro, Pacifica, Aspen and Northstar. Read the report Keiro submitted and compare what they told the AG vs what you’ve seen since

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Buy Back Keiro: A Ridiculous Idea?

[KSCA submitted the following article to The Rafu, which published the English version on May 3, 2017. Japanese translation available below.]   Let’s think about this for a moment. Years preceding the sale, Keiro was not in financial difficulties according to the annual financial statements.  Keiro was making money.  Keiro had a waiting list for the retirement home until the announcement to sell.  Keiro had about $14 million in endowment

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Demonstration in Front of Keiro Office

Koreisha Senior Care & Advocacy demonstrated in front of the Keiro office building on February 24, 2017, at 1 PM. KSCA requested that Keiro utilize its assets to rebuild long-term care facilities providing affordable and culturally sensitive care for the Nikkei elders which only a non-profit organization can commit to in perpetuity.  This is our sacred goal and the one that will unify our community. The event concluded with KSCA

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Urging for a New Keiro for Our Seniors!

Our Community Built It, Our Seniors Deserve It! “My English is poor so I need nurses and doctors who can speak Japanese. I hope we are able to have another place like Keiro for people like me.” -Kazu Murayama, 1925-2016 (former Keiro resident) with granddaughter Cathleen Ikeda, age 12 KSCA urges the Keiro Board to join us to build a haven for the community! Use the $70 million to build

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