All KSCA Press Releases

The following is a chronological list of all KSCA Press Releases available on this site:

Don't Abandon Our Seniors

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: “Don’t Abandon Our Seniors” Rally & March to Keiro organized by Koreisha Senior Care & Advocacy, KSCA Main Message from KSCA Pacifica Companies is raising it’s fees again! 10% over last 2 years. Keiro should help those seniors who may be suffering financial hardships. Keiro, should use the $70 million to provide long-term care facilities for our elders and save the residents abandoned by the sale of

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Urging for a New Keiro for Our Seniors!

Our Community Built It, Our Seniors Deserve It! “My English is poor so I need nurses and doctors who can speak Japanese. I hope we are able to have another place like Keiro for people like me.” -Kazu Murayama, 1925-2016 (former Keiro resident) with granddaughter Cathleen Ikeda, age 12 KSCA urges the Keiro Board to join us to build a haven for the community! Use the $70 million to build

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Protesting Pacifica

Don’t Raise Costs for Our Elderly Provide Quality Healthcare The new for-profit owner of the former Keiro Retirement & Nursing Homes, Pacifica Companies, has said they will almost double the percentage of the annual rent increase. Pacifica, a multi-billion dollar development company headquartered in San Diego has failed to live up to its legal commitment to keep culturally appropriate healthcare the same for 5 years. Pacifica owns the Courtyard Marriott,

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Officer Update: New President for KSCA Named

Effective immediately, Dr. Takeshi Matsumoto has assumed the role of president of Koreisha Senior Care & Advocacy.

It's Official! Koreisha Senior Care & Advocacy is a Non-Profit

What began back in the fall of 2015 as the Ad Hoc Committee to Save Keiro is now officially a non-profit organization, Koreisha Senior Care & Advocacy.