Petition to Save Sakura ICF

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Hello KSCA Friends and Supporters. Can you take a minute to sign this petition to stop Pacifica from closing Sakura ICF? Every little bit counts! And please share with your friends, family and on your social media! (The link is: こんにちは、KSCA-高齢者友の会の皆様、及びご支援者の方々へ」 パシフィカ社のさくら中間看護施設の閉鎖を阻止するために、あなたのサインを求めます! 皆様の温かいご協力をお願いします。( ) ENGLISH: JAPANESE:

COVID-19 at Kei-Ai Nursing Homes

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Status Reports on COVID-19 at Kei-Ai Nursing Homes Kei-Ai Los Angeles According to Kei-Ai notices that were sent out on 4/13/20 and 4/15/20 to residents, families, and staff, there were a number of patients who tested positive for COVID-19. On April 21, the Rafu Shimpo reported “Kei-Ai Los Angeles with less that 11 resident and less than 11 staff” coronavirus cases.” These cases involved 3rd floor residents and a staff

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Rafu Shimpo | Voices of Koreisha: Coronavirus Prevention For Seniors

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he following is a reprint from the October 28, 2017 article in the print edition of The Rafu Shimpo newspaper, and online on April 28, 2020. For Japanese Version, click here. VOICES OF KOREISHA: Coronavirus Prevention for Seniors   Posted On April 28, 2020 Columnists By KENJI IRIE, M.D. The coronavirus pandemic does not seem to be slowing down. The situation in Italy is dreadful. The distance between Japan and

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Support the 2019 Day of Remembrance

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Koreisha Senior Care & Advocacy is requesting all members and supporters to attend the 2019 Day of Remembrance on Saturday, February 16 from 2:00 - 4:00 pm, at the Japanese American National Museum (JANM) in Little Tokyo. KSCA will have a table at this event. Literature and surveys will be available for KSCA members/supporters to distribute.  Please arrive at 1:30 pm to set-up, distribute literature, and gather survey responses. Be

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Keiro’s 2016 Tax Returns

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How Keiro Spent Your Money Here’s a look at Keiro’s tax return for the fiscal year, 2016.  See just what they spent money on, including over $800,000 given to Shawn Miyake after he had already retired from the organization!  These documents are open to public inspection, so feel free to study them online or download and review at your convenience. Feel free to examine and scrutinize the way Keiro made use of

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Buy Back Keiro: A Ridiculous Idea?

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[KSCA submitted the following article to The Rafu, which published the English version on May 3, 2017. Japanese translation available below.]   Let’s think about this for a moment. Years preceding the sale, Keiro was not in financial difficulties according to the annual financial statements.  Keiro was making money.  Keiro had a waiting list for the retirement home until the announcement to sell.  Keiro had about $14 million in endowment

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Demonstration in Front of Keiro Office

By administrator|February 26, 2017|Advocacy, Feature, Slideshow|

Koreisha Senior Care & Advocacy demonstrated in front of the Keiro office building on February 24, 2017, at 1 PM. KSCA requested that Keiro utilize its assets to rebuild long-term care facilities providing affordable and culturally sensitive care for the Nikkei elders which only a non-profit organization can commit to in perpetuity.  This is our sacred goal and the one that will unify our community. The event concluded with KSCA

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Urging for a New Keiro for Our Seniors!

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Our Community Built It, Our Seniors Deserve It! “My English is poor so I need nurses and doctors who can speak Japanese. I hope we are able to have another place like Keiro for people like me.” -Kazu Murayama, 1925-2016 (former Keiro resident) with granddaughter Cathleen Ikeda, age 12 KSCA urges the Keiro Board to join us to build a haven for the community! Use the $70 million to build

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Protesting Pacifica

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Don’t Raise Costs for Our Elderly Provide Quality Healthcare The new for-profit owner of the former Keiro Retirement & Nursing Homes, Pacifica Companies, has said they will almost double the percentage of the annual rent increase. Pacifica, a multi-billion dollar development company headquartered in San Diego has failed to live up to its legal commitment to keep culturally appropriate healthcare the same for 5 years. Pacifica owns the Courtyard Marriott,

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