COVID-19 at Kei-Ai Nursing Homes

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Status Reports on COVID-19 at Kei-Ai Nursing Homes

Kei-Ai Los Angeles

According to Kei-Ai notices that were sent out on 4/13/20 and 4/15/20 to residents, families, and staff, there were a number of patients who tested positive for COVID-19. On April 21, the Rafu Shimpo reported “Kei-Ai Los Angeles with less that 11 resident and less than 11 staff” coronavirus cases.” These cases involved 3rd floor residents and a staff person. The 3rd floor is for short-term care, while long-term residents have been transferred to the lower floors. The residents who tested positive were discharged to the hospital and staff showing some symptoms of COVID-19 were self-isolating. These cases were reported to Public Health and Kei-Ai has been following Public Health guidelines. The report indicates that while Public Health does not test the residents, Kei-Ai has arranged for testing by a private lab of all 3rd floor residents and employees. In a statement to the Rafu Shimpo on April 23, 2020, Tanner Mitchell, administrator of Kei-Ai Los Angeles, presented the results, “12 patients tested positive, 24 tested negative, 14 patients had results outstanding, and 4 employees with confirmed or suspected to be positive. Two patients from the first floor, both of whom were asymptomatic, tested positive.” The entire facility patient population and staff will be tested.

As of April 27, Kei-Ai Los Angeles provided the following information:

  1. During the week of 4/20, all consenting residents and staff were tested. They included asymptomatic individuals.
  2. 22 patients tested positive. This includes 8 in-house patients or those in long-term care.
  3. 9 employees were confirmed or suspected to be positive,.
  4. 326 staff results are pending.
  5. 242 patient results are pending.
  6. Aspen is waiting for the LA City Council to approve their request for weekly testing of all patients and staff.

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Kei-Ai South Bay

On April 21, the Rafu Shimpo reported, “Kei-Ai Southbay Healthcare Center in Gardena with 23 residents and no staff” coronavirus cases. In a statement to the Rafu Shimpo on April 23, Spencer Nordfelt, administrator at Kei-Ai Southbay stated, “None of our current residents are showing any signs of the symptoms of COVID-19. Within the past 72 hours, only one resident has been admitted to the hospital for further observation and testing, if necessary.”

Donations of masks and gowns to the Kei-Ai facilities would be appreciated.
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Sakura Gardens

According to the Director, there have been no COVID-19 positive cases for residents or staff.

Intermediate Care Facility

No COVID-19 positive cases have been reported.