Petition Keiro to Honor Public’s Recommendations

By administrator|November 24, 2016|Advocacy, Articles, In the News|

3-Umbrellas-and-CatOn October 15, 2016, Koreisha Senior Care and Advocacy held a public forum, “Visions for Keiro’s Millions”. This forum allowed members of the community to step up and voice how they believe the millions of dollars of donation money and assets from the sale of the 4 properties should be utilized. That money came from the public through years of donations and therefore, belongs to the public. NOT THE KEIRO BOARD!

Keiro cannot continue to turn a deaf ear to the community!

This behavior must come to an end now and the Keiro Board must comply with the recommendations set forth by the people.


You can petition the Keiro Board by either downloading, printing, signing and distributing a petition sheet, or you can sign online below.


AdobePDFIconPetition Sheet (English version)
(English; PDF file)

AdobePDFIconPetition Sheet (Japanese Version)
(Japanese; PDF file)



Petition Keiro Board to Honor the Opinion of Community Members


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