VOX POPULI: Koreisha’s Response to Keiro Board

By administrator|August 31, 2016|Articles, In the News|

This is a reprint of an article published on the Rafu.com on August 31, 2016 There is need to correct the misleading information the Keiro Board has presented to the public in their article “Past, Present and Future of Keiro” (Rafu, 7/13/16). Keiro Board members have stated that the community movement that opposed the sale consisted of a small and inexperienced group of individuals. Facts are that 17,000 members of

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Chronology of Events Leading Up to Community Grass Roots Movement to Oppose the Sale of Keiro

By administrator|June 1, 2016|Articles, Chronicle|

by Koreisha Senior Care & Advocacy (KSCA) (Edited 05/16/16 to correct typographical errors. Originally published on the sister-site, SaveKeiro.org, on March 10, 2016.) 1969: Keiro Nursing Home in Lincoln Heights opens with 87 beds. 1974: Minami Keiro Nursing Home in Lincoln Heights opens with 97 beds. 1975: Keiro Retirement Home in Boyle Heights opens with 105 rooms. 1976: Keiro Intermediate Care Nursing Facility in Boyle Heights opens with 96 beds.

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