Toji Rafu Essay

By administrator|January 16, 2021|Articles, In the News|

The Thoughts of a Family Member Whose Mother Resides at Sakura ICF by Michael Toji As a member of the community whose lone parent resides at the Sakura ICF, I am deeply concerned about the fate of the residents of this once venerable institution in the Japanese / Japanese American community. The pending expiration on February 5th 2021 of the conditions set forth upon the sale to Pacifica and the

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Petition to Save Sakura ICF

By administrator|November 18, 2020|Advocacy, Feature|

Hello KSCA Friends and Supporters. Can you take a minute to sign this petition to stop Pacifica from closing Sakura ICF? Every little bit counts! And please share with your friends, family and on your social media! (The link is: こんにちは、KSCA-高齢者友の会の皆様、及びご支援者の方々へ」 パシフィカ社のさくら中間看護施設の閉鎖を阻止するために、あなたのサインを求めます! 皆様の温かいご協力をお願いします。( ) ENGLISH: JAPANESE: