Urging for a New Keiro for Our Seniors!

By administrator|February 20, 2017|Feature, Press Releases|

Our Community Built It, Our Seniors Deserve It!

“My English is poor so I need nurses and doctorsKazu
who can speak Japanese. I hope we are able to
have another place like Keiro for people like me.”

-Kazu Murayama,
(former Keiro resident) with granddaughter
Cathleen Ikeda, age 12

KSCA urges the Keiro Board to join us to build a haven for the community!


Example of a future nursing home with a cutting-edge design.

  • Use the $70 million to build a haven for our seniors that the whole community can be proud of.
  • Help seniors currently at Pacifica facilities survive any future cost increases.
  • The seller [Keiro Board], must use the funds ($70 million) “solely and exclusively for healthcare and residential care services.” (CA Attorney General, “Conditions of Sale” Article 9, 09/01/15).
  • How and whose bank is the $70 million being invested? What if the “investments” fail?

Delivering the Petitions

Join us to deliver petitions from the community to Keiro. Gather at 2nd & San Pedro and proceed to Keiro at the Pacific Commerce Bank building, 3rd & San Pedro.

FRI, FEBRUARY 24, 2017 @ 1:00 PM

Second St & San Pedro, NW corner of Little Tokyo, Los Angeles, CA

Map available in the Events section.