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We Can Help Ensure the Well-being of Our Elders

About Us

Koreisha Senior Care & Advocacy was formed out of concern by the citizens of the Japanese American community over the sale of the iconic Keiro Senior Facilities.  

In 2014, a multi-generational group of Japanese and Japanese Americans of all walks of life came together to stop the sale of the Keiro Facilities that housed a total of 600 elderly Japanese residents. The group called themselves the “Ad Hoc Committee to Save Keiro” and made an all-out effort to prevent the change of ownership from the non-profit Keiro to the for-profit Pacifica Companies.  The Ad Hoc Committee requested the California Attorney General to hold a public hearing on the proposed sale; however, the request was not granted and the sale took place.

In 2016, the Ad Hoc Committee became Koreisha Senior Care & Advocacy (KSCA), a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Subsequent to the sale, numerous violations of the Condition of the Sale imposed by the California Attorney General occurred and KSCA advocated for the well-being and the rights of the residents by addressing the issues to the new ownership and the Office of the Attorney General. Noteworthy issues were the explosive outbreaks of COVID-19 infections and deaths of residents in the KeiAi Nursing Homes (formerly Keiro Nursing Homes) and the eviction and the closure of Sakura Intermediate Care Facility (formerly Keiro ICF).

In 2019, with the generous funding and support of the UCLA/Aratani Community Advancement Endowment, KSCA conducted a needs assessment survey for senior facilities in the Japanese American community.  Findings indicated an overwhelming need expressed by the various generations of Japanese Americans for culturally sensitive care of our seniors.  Based on the recommendations of the report, a Task Force to Rebuild a Japanese American Senior Facility was formed.  Currently, the Task Force and KSCA are working together with a goal of rebuilding a Nikkei Senior Facility to accommodate seniors of various financial standing.  

In 2021, KSCA again received the UCLA/Aratani Community Endowment for the production of a documentary, “Restoring Compassion:  Bringing Culturally Sensitive Senior Care Services to the Nikkei Community”.  The documentary is currently under production and will be shared with the community when it is completed.

Our Mission

KSCA’s mission is to ensure the welfare of seniors by advocating for the continuance of Japanese culturally sensitive healthcare facilities and senior services.

Chronology of Events

Koreisha Senior Care & Advocacy was formed out of concern by the citizens of the Japanese American community over the sale of the iconic Keiro Senior Facilities.  

Our Mission

Our Board

John Kanai.jpeg

John Kanai

--- President ---

Keiko Ikeda PhD.jpg

Keiko Ikeda, Ph.D

--- Vice President --- 

Eileen Asato (treasurer).jpeg

Eileen Asato

--- Treasurer ---


Hisayo Tanaka

--- Assistant Treasurer ---

Michael Toji.jpg

Michael Toji

--- Secretary ---

Barry Goy.jpg

Barry Goy, MD

--- Board Member ---


Hisamori Iwashita

--- Board Member ---

Rieko Johnson_edited.jpg

Rieko Johnson

--- Board Member ---

Shinkichi Koyama_edited_edited.jpg

Shinkichi Koyama

---Board Member ---

Anton Merken.jpeg

Anton Merken

--- Board Member ---

David Miyoshi.jpeg

David Miyoshi

--- Board Member ---

Tracy Sakamoto.jpeg

Tracy Sakamoto

--- Board Member ---

Kyoko Watanabe (board member).jpeg

Kyoko Watanabe

--- Board Member ---

Emiko Yamaguchi.jpg

Emiko Yamaguchi

--- Board Member ---

 Board Advisors

Kenji Irie MD.jpg

Kenji Irie, MD

Hiroshi Kashiwagi.jpeg

Hiroshi Kashiwagi , Professor

Takeshi Matsumoto MD.jpg

Takeshi Matsumoto, MD

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