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KSCA to Hold Flea Market in Gardena Oct. 22

KSCA (Koreisha Senior Care & Advocacy) conducted a nationwide survey in 2019 on the need for senior care facilities in the Nikkei community. The majority of responders expressed their strong desire to eventually enter a nursing home that provides care based on Japanese culture.

The result of the survey led KSCA to their goal of rebuilding a nursing home in the Nikkei community.

The fundraising committee of KSCA has announced their plan to hold a flea market to strive toward the goal.

Date and time: Saturday, Oct. 22. Merchandise will be received from 1 to 2 p.m.; Market will be open to the public from 2 to 5 p.m.

Location: New Gardena Hotel Seminar Hall, 1641 W. Redondo Beach Blvd., Gardena. Phone: (310) 327-5757. Parking and admission free.

The flea market subcommittee chairperson, Rieko Johnson, says, “Please bring in your homemade cookies and handmade crafts. You may have forgotten about some useful or valuable items that are sleeping in your closet or garage. Please bring them in, too!”

She hopes that many in the local communities will come and join this event.

To donate merchandise, call: Kenji Irie, (213) 200-2391; Rieko Johnson, (310) 245-2958; Yumiko Kaji, (310) 374-4763; Kumiko Nakamura, (213) 479-7265; Masano Seo, (626) 675-6436; Kyoko Watanabe, (213) 572-7743.

Bring your merchandise to the hotel with price tags attached. If you wish to use a booth to display your merchandise, mention it when you call in. No fee for using booths.

Deadline for calling in to offer merchandise: Saturday, Oct. 15.

For more information on KSCA, visit

Co-sponsors: Fukushima Kenjinkai, Kagoshima Kenjinkai, Kochi Kenjinkai, Southern California Gardeners’ Federation, Nokatsu Club for Women, Charan Poran USA, Akita Bonsai Nursery, La Crescenta Nursery, Nikkei Help Line Volunteers、South Bay Psychotherapy Group

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