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Updated: Jan 3

Issue No. 1 / March 2022

Dear our Supporters and Donors:

We are pleased to issue our first newsletter from the KSCA/Task Force

Joint Fundraising Committee.

First we would like to express our deepest appreciation to you for

your support and generous donations toward our goal of rebuilding a

non-profit 100-bed culturally sensitive nursing home in the Southern

California Nikkei community. The purpose of this newsletter is to keep

you apprised of our progress toward this goal.

As an independent organization, the Task Force To Rebuild a Nikkei

Nursing Home (Task Force), was formed in 2020 to devote to this

project. A blue-print plan is currently being solidified by the Task

Force and the search for land continues. Construction costs alone are

estimated at over $60 million. The creation of a documentary depicting

the need for a culturally sensitive nursing home has just been awarded

a grant by the UCLA/ARATANI CARE Foundation and will help further

communicate the need for the nursing home to the Nikkei community. Our

website is currently under construction to include project updates

among other information. We will keep you updated on our progress in

these areas and more in our future newsletters.

As you may already know, the sale of Keiro senior care facilities in

2016 included a 5-year agreement with the new owner, Pacifica

Companies, to continue the culturally sensitive services and the

acceptance of Medicare and Medi-Cal. This agreement expired in

February 2021. Pacifica is no longer obliged to provide these

services. Further, upon expiration of the agreement, Pacifica closed

the Sakura Intermediate Care Facility (ICF) in August 2021 in order to

build a for-profit housing project, displacing 97 ICF residents amidst

the COVID-19 pandemic.

The future is uncertain for residents in the remaining facilities. In

the United States today, there are no culturally sensitive nursing

homes for the NIkkei elders any longer. We know Pacifica can stop

using their facilities for the care of our seniors any time in the

near future. It is now so important for the Nikkei community to begin

the efforts for rebuilding nonprofit senior care facilities.

We hope for your continued support and generous donations for this worthy cause.

Sincerely yours,

Joint Fundraising Committee,

The Koreisha Senior Care & Advocacy and the TASK FORCE

Seiji Horio, Kenji Irie, Rieko Johnson, Yumiko Kaji, Amy Kato, Kumiko

Nakamura, Masano Siu, Kyoko Watanabe, Eileen Yoshimura

(in alphabetical order)

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