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Updated: Jan 3

Issue No. 2 / June 2022

Dear Supporters/ Donors:

We hope you are doing well despite the lingering pandemic situations.

*In this second newsletter, we would very much like you to give us your assistance in the following 2 ways.

1) Please give us your list of potential donors and supporters. We call it "Contact List." The donors can include individuals, businesses, groups, and major donors such as Mackenzie Scott. If you know their contact persons, please record them in the list. If you know their phone numbers and email addresses, also add them to the list, please. If you know some potential supporters who might help our fundraising campaign efforts, please list them, too.

So far we have received several suggestions including Kempo TV, Nikkan Sun, and Lighthouse as potential supporters for our campaign efforts.

Contact List: Pease list potential donors and fundraising campaign supporters among individuals, businesses, groups etc., that you can think of within the Nikkei community and outside. We assure you that the lists sent to us will be solely used for the fundraising activities of KSCA.

============================================================= NAME ( individual/ business/ group )

Contact persons with phone#/ email address ( if you know any; if not, you may keep this space blank)


2) Interim Goal: Our fundraising consultant, Dr. Marjorie Beale, has advised us that we should have an interim goal before aiming at a 100-bed Nikkei nursing home which would cost us a huge amount of funds. She also suggests that the interim goal, once achieved, will be a tremendous advantage for the next campaign to aim at our final goal of rebuilding a nonprofit nursing home.

Our idea of the interim goal is as follows: To purchase an approximately 120,000 square feet land in which we construct a relatively small building for a SENIOR DAYCARE service and a parking lot. Once we raise funds enough to build the nursing home, the building for the daycare will be incorporated into the overall nursing home plan.

Please answer the following questions regarding our idea of the interim goal.

A. Do you agree to set up an interim goal?

Please give us your YES or NO or I DON'T KNOW answer in your email back to us.

B. Do you agree with our idea of the interim goal?

Please give us your YES or NO or I DON'T KNOW answer in your email back to us.

C. If you agree to set up an interim goal but have a different idea, please write it here.

D. If you don't agree with setting up an interim goal, would you PLEASE share your idea/plan with us?

*KSCA WEBSITE: KSCA website has been totally renewed. Please visit the site. You would be impressed. The website address is still the same. That is

*DOCUMENTARY: As announced earlier in newsletter #1, KSCA has received the 2022 UCLA/Aratani Community Research Endowment Fund to produce a documentary on the need to rebuild a nonprofit affordable/culturally sensitive nursing home. The facility would accommodate seniors within and beyond the Nikkei community. Mr. Junzo Arai, the director, has already begun to film for the project. He is an experienced film maker who has directed a documentary on Mr. Fred Wada, one of the main founders of the Keiro Senior Facilities.

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